about us

Stylistic design, artistic creations, whimsical mood: the perfect outfit finds sartorial elegance and refinement ...


The result of years of experience in fashion, accessories and in the field of theatrical costumes, Bumbuki's mood is an innovative brand specialising in knitwear that combines the creativity of Marcello Silvestri and Luca Battaglia, well known designers in the Prêt à Couture scene, which essentially is their field of expertise, the complete manual craftsmanship.


The extensive creative curriculum and the truly unique experience in fashion, as well as cultural, technical and product knowledge comes from academic studies, seminars and internships at companies in the apparel industry and show business.


Bumbuki's mood is one of a kind. The work is hand-crafted, tailoring and fabricating knitwear on commission for high fashion brands, theatre and film production tailoring. It also presents periodic collections or creates designs for private customers who appreciate the uniqueness of wearing soft clothes, custom-made using various techniques: knitting, crochet, shibori dyeing, fabric painting, embroidery, loom weaving.


The brand has presented their creations through fashion shows and showrooms, participated in fairs, furnished shops, provided and designed the costumes of some plays.



Twenty years artistic partnership...

Marcello and Luca, graduates of the Accademia di Costume e di Moda - Rome in 1997, have worked together since the late 90's by integrating creative education with the experience of skilled craftsmen to create fashion and theatrical costume, their strong point!

Unfortunately, Marcello passed away in August 2020 and, since then, Luca has continued his activity bringing with him the teaching and moral heritage received from Marcello!

It goes on...