about us

Bumbuki's mood is a 100% artisanal craftworkshop, pure expression of "Made in Rome"!

Its items are linear, colourful, "pleasant to the touch", precious (in the choice of yarns used), often tinged with oriental atmospheres, unique and refined, made as they once did...

A recurring stylistic figure is the studied use of mélanges that give depth and make colours vibrate, creating infinite shades!



Twenty years artistic partnership...

Marcello and Luca, graduates of the Accademia di Costume e di Moda - Rome in 1997, have worked together since the late 90's by integrating creative education with the experience of skilled craftsmen to create fashion and theatrical costume, their strong point!

Unfortunately, Marcello passed away in August 2020 and, since then, Luca has continued his activity bringing with him the teaching and moral heritage received from Marcello!

It goes on...